Submission Guidelines

The first step. With the content of your book complete, make an appointment with us to meet in person or over the phone to go over some options for the creation of your final product. During this meeting, we will discuss your vision for the book – from cover design to ISBN – and nail down the details we need to put your book in print. As always, we are happy to meet with you and answer any questions you may have about the production process.

What we will need from you. In order to print your book, we need to receive your fully completed text – thoroughly edited and with all pages in order – in an electronic format. If there are images you’d like to include in your book that are not in a digital format, we can scan them for you for a small additional fee. Please try to put all your text content into one file. Submitting more than three files will incur a per-file charge for each file over three.

There are two options at this point: you can format your own book or we can professionally format your book for you. By format, we mean that each page must meet specific size and margin requirements and be converted to a digital file.

If you format your own book, you must give us your book as a single .pdf file so that it is compatible with our printing and binding equipment. Choosing this option means that you are entirely responsible for properly formatting the interior of your book in its entirety. You can convert your text (probably saved to your personal computer in a .doc or .rtf file) to a .pdf file by downloading some simple software or using an online service. If you’re working on a PC, we recommend CutePDF Writer, which you can download for free from; or PDFonline, which lets you upload your files and then converts them for you. Just follow the instructions and either email or mail us the file. If you own a Mac, you’re in luck – you can simply export your document as a PDF directly from the program you’re using to format your book. No matter what kind of machine you’re working on, please see our FAQ on formatting your own book.

If you plan on formatting your own book, please use one of the templates below. These files are set up with the proper margins, so your text will not be hindered by the binding process. When designing your cover please contact us with the number of pages in your book, and we will tell you how wide the book’s spine should be.

If we format your book, simply send us your book as a single word-processing file, such as .doc or .rtf file. We will take care of the formatting and can even design your book from cover to cover for an elegant and professional finished product. If you are in the area, we can meet here in our Troy, NY, office to walk you through some examples of books we have formatted and discuss options for your own book.



Copyright page template:

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Rich Text File (.rtf file)

If at any point in time you would like to speak with us directly for a little more guidance, please feel free to call us at 518-689-1083 or contact us.